AMR Logos and Branding

Advanced Marine Refit

AMR commissioned CDA to produce a logo for their
newly formed company. Their target market was
captains and agents dealing with superyachts and
consequently they felt they had to emphasise their
expertise and professionalism.

CDA produced logo options and then went on to
produce their complete branding.

Integrity Sales Consultancy

We were commissioned to re-brand ISC to improve
their profile amongst their competitors. Their existing
website portrayed the archetypal grey-suited office worker;
nothing really inspiring. CDA suggested taking the
majority of images outside of the office to compare
the feeling of success on achieving a sale to the sports
environment i.e. winning a race or climbing a mountain.

Shown here is the new company logo and pages from
their brochure.

Please see our website portfolio page for the example
of this.

Integrity Sales Consultancy Logos and Branding